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Comedy, Drama, Road Movie | English | 81 minutes

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Alexandra Clayton, Michal Sinnott


Michal Sinnott, Alexandra Clayton


Joseph Schollaert, Alexandra Clayton, Michal Sinnott


Sam Bianchini, Gandhi Fernando, Michal Sinnott, Alexandra Clayton



If you loved “White Lotus”, “9 Perfect Strangers” or “Eat Pray Love” you will love Unpacking!

Getting slapped with reality is never easy and the change that follows is sure to be a bit messy.

Six women, sold on the promise of radical transformation, travel to Bali and into the hands of a self-appointed Instagram guru for a ‘soul reset’ retreat.

As the women are led through a series of unconventional workshops in an attempt to get them to unpack and own what’s holding them back, amusing and hilarious moments alternate with the revealing and the intimate.

Secrets surface and accusations fly, a gigolo is hired, and the leader crumbles under her own lack of self-care. When she abandons the retreat, her Indonesian assistant steps into leadership and the women are forced to take ownership over maintaining the community they need to feel whole and to find healing.

High production values and the exceptional score perfectly complement the great performances and the stunning visuals of the exotic island.

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