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Ura Aka - L'Aventure

Ura Aka - L'Aventure

Drama, Romance | Japanese | 101 minutes

보병 중대

TBS Glowdia, Inc.

캐스트 & 크루


Takuya Kato


Kumi Takeuchi, Fūju Kamio



Machiko can't shake the feeling of emptiness in her day-to-day life as a manager of a clothing store in Aoyama, Tokyo. One day, the casual words of Sayaka, a younger and charismatic store staff, stirs Machiko into creating a secret social media account, where she posts a revealing photo of her chest. Machiko becomes hooked the reaction she gets, something she could never get in the real world, and her posts become increasingly daring. She eventually meets one of her followers, a younger man named "Yuto". Machiko becomes drawn to Yuto, who, like herself, harbored feelings of unfulfilment.

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