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Wanted: Hot Roommate

Wanted: Hot Roommate

Comedy, Erotic | English | 90 minutes

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MultiVisionnaire Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Alecc Bracero


Darryll C. Scott, Prince Rijan, Caroline Choi


Alecc Bracero, Glenda L. Richardson, Darryll C. Scott


Darryll C. Scott, Gavin Leighton, Erica Jenkins



Tae & Damien lose their close friend and roommate, Bob, in a tragic crazy college frat party accident. Desperate for a new roommate, Tae & Damien, conduct a talent search for the ultimate roommate. When a beautiful girl named girl Aubrey walks into the door, Tea says 'yes' instantly -- she is the fantasy girl every frat boy wants (hot, beautiful, and wears practically nothing around the house). One thing, Aubrey is not into men! She likes girls just like the boys! Even better, Aubrey brings hot girls into the apartment, the more the merrier for their dorm room parties. As a prank, Tae secretly recorded Aubrey and one of her hot dates. After waking up from their drunken party, he discovers the video was mysteriously leaked onto the Internet! Tae and Damien now must figure who leaked it and take down before Aubrey finds out."

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