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Welcome to Acapulco

Welcome to Acapulco

Action/Adventure, Comedy | English

보병 중대

Highland Film Group

캐스트 & 크루


Guillermo Ivan


Loris Curci, Guillermo Ivan


Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Paul Sorvino, Ana Serradilla, Michael Kingsbaker


On the way to New Mexico for the most important presentation of his career, video game developer Matt Booth (Mike Kingsbaker) boards the wrong plane and accidentally ends up in... the real Mexico. On the ground in exotic Acapulco, things go from bad to worse when he finds himself on the run from a ruthless hitman (Michael Madsen), a shady politician (Paul Sorvino) and a former government agent (William Baldwin) all looking for a mysterious package they think he’s carrying. But his worst nightmare takes a turn for the better when he’s paired with a beautiful CIA agent, Adriana Vazquez (Ana Serradilla), who puts everything on the line to protect Matt at any cost.

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