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World Cup Heroes

World Cup Heroes

Documentary | English, Italian, Portuguese | 91 minutes

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House of Film

캐스트 & 크루


Giancula Fellini, Michael Scolari


Paolo Rossi, Maradonna, Pele



Paolo Rossi and the game's biggest superstars!

In backyards, dirt lots and even in the middle of city streets, children around the planet practice and dream about becoming the next Rossi, Pelé, Maradona or Falcao in the world's most popular sport.

Re-live the magical, heart-stopping moments of the game's incredible history in this loving tribute to Paolo Rossi and to a sport so many millions love across the globe.

Vintage championship footage and first-hand accounts by the greatest players themselves are beautifully woven into a touching and exciting story of Rossi's ups and downs in the context of shocking world events. As Football (soccer) has evolved into a billion-dollar business, this film powerfully reminds you that dreams can come true when you follow rule #1: never give up!


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