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100 Miles to Redemption

100 Miles to Redemption

Documentary | English | 57 minutes

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DeskPop Entertainment LLC

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Andrew Shebay


Andrew Shebay


Andrew Shebay


Shawn Livingston, Marcia Matanin, Kelly Matanin

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Haunted by the effects of PTSD induced by fighting a war, the physical injuries that led to copious amounts of opiates, the emotional strain of his squad leader committing suicide, losing his best friend from overdosing on heroin, all combined with his drug addiction ultimately left Shawn losing all hope in life. He found himself facing a 20-year prison sentence, homeless, addicted to heroin, and out-casted by his family. 100 MILES TO REDEMPTION is a profound documentary that captures true insight on the inner struggle and mental anguish behind PTSD & Addiction. The story is told following the treacherous adventure of Army Veteran Shawn Livingston’s journey running The Pinhoti 100-mile trail race through the Talladega National Forrest in Alabama - paralleled with his family’s battle of living with his demons. Their lives unfold in front of us as we experience Shawn’s past events that gave him the fight to run100 miles and the will to push forward.

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