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3 Minutes

3 Minutes

Alternate Titles: 3 MINUTOS

Documentary | Spanish | 76 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Alvaro Torrellas


Alejandra Blanco


Alvaro Torrellas


Antonio Fernandes, Jose Manuel Pacheco

O Sumário

3 Minutes tells the story of Antonio Fernandez, aka El Bigotes. He is a boxing trainer from Sevilla who has been saving errant children from the streets during more than 30 years. Antonio opens the doors of his gym to all those to whom life, society, law, or family did not give a second chance. Through the stories of three young men that have a lot in common, we see Antonio play a crucial role in their lives and their social reintegration. Thanks to boxing, the three young men will manage to overcome their problems and the gym will become their second house. Boxing, on the other hand, a new air to breathe.

Ano de Conclusão