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Drama, True Story | English | 118 minutes

A Firma

Shoreline Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Izu Ojukwu


Izu Ojukwu


Rita Dominic


Ibinabo Fiberesima, Chidi Mokeme, Ramsey Nouah, Memory Savanhu

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Nigeria, 1976. Respected army officer Captain Joseph Dewa and his wife, Suzy, who is from the culturally-disparate southeastern region of Nigeria, eagerly anticipate their first child, but Suzy's family adamantly disapproves of her intercultural marriage. Concurrently, rebellious soldiers on Joseph's base attempt to recruit him into a coup plot to assassinate General Murtala Mohammed, a key player in Nigeria's Civil War. Joseph resists but the plotters are cunning, setting a trap for him and creating barriers of distrust between him and Suzy. It's not long before Joseph is arrested, isolating him from his military brothers and his own family.

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