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A Good Night Sleep for the Bad

A Good Night Sleep for the Bad

Action/Adventure, Drama | Korean | 85 minutes

A Firma

Mirovision Inc.

Elenco e Tripulação


Young-chul KWON


Hyo-jeong KIM


Young-chul KWON


Heung-soo KIM, Tae-kyung OH

O Sumário

There is this guy called Yun-seong. He is a good person who lives on the edge of society without complaining particularly, although he is hungry. As he begins to realize only despair in his future, he sees the bleakness of his family as a burden. His self-centeredness and greed invites disaster—his plan to immigrate to Canada vanishes and, as he goes into debt, his downward spiral begins. He asks for help from his friends, Jong-gil and Yeong-jo. The timing is right. Jong-gil and Yeong-jo are planning an armed robbery and readily accept his request.

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Ano de Conclusão