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A Woman Kills

A Woman Kills

Alternate Titles: La Femme Bourreau

Action/Adventure | French | 86 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Jean-Denis Bonan


Jean-Denis Bonan


Jean-Denis Bonan


Claude Merlin, Solange Pradel, Myriam

O Sumário

Paris, in the 1960s. A series of crimes trouble the tranquility of the city. Hélène Picard is finally found guilty of the murders of fellow prostitutes and sentenced to death. On March 22th 1968, two years after her trial, she is put to death by executioner Louis Guilbeau. A few days after the execution violent crimes, similar to Hélène’s, start occurring again. At the same time, Louis G. has an affair with the police officer, a woman, in charge of the investigation.
What are the dark links hidden behind the relationship between the executioner and this mysterious police officer? Who is this obscure man in reality?

Ano de Conclusão