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American Reject

American Reject

Comedy, Musical | English | 90 minutes

A Firma

The Mise En Scene Company

Elenco e Tripulação


Marlo Hunter


Frank Monteleone, Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone , Trey Burvant, Beth Burvant, Nathan Johnson


Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone


Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, Annaleigh Ashford, Billy Ray Cyrus, Angelica Hale

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O Sumário

Kay is the most recent reject from America’s hottest singing competition POP STAR NOW! As she mourns her public elimination, she’s forced to participate in the network’s “After The Cut” filming, and is sent to her hometown to move back in with her mother and the simple life she left behind. With nothing on the horizon and a cameraman following her every move, she is reacquainted with her past and finds herself in the town’s annual Easter Spectacular. As it turns out, losing is her only way to win.

Ano de Conclusão