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Belly Dancing For Beginners

Belly Dancing For Beginners

Romance | English

A Firma

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Debbie Isitt


Marc Samuelson


Debbie Isitt

O Sumário

BELLY DANCING FOR BEGINNERS is a broad appeal comedy with a strong female skew about Amber, a young woman who discovers her fiancé, Daniel, in a compromising situation with another woman on the eve of her wedding day. Destroyed and humiliated by her discovery, Amber is persuaded to go on a mystery holiday by her over-bearing mother and her judgmental sister. Arriving at a breathtaking seaside resort in Turkey, our unsuspecting heroine is horrified to discover that her mother is actually re-cycling the honeymoon she booked as a wedding gift for Amber and Daniel and – worse still – she has booked them all on a belly dancing course for the duration of their stay.
What follows is a laugh-out-loud yet heart-warming story, which sees Amber struggle to overcome the pain of her failed engagement as she vehemently resists all attempts to open her eyes to the joys of belly dancing. Amber avoids the dance classes by forming a friendship with local tour guide, Kasim, who helps Amber to re-build her confidence with his gentle, caring and wise advice. But will she be able to withstand her Daniel’s efforts to win her back when he arrives unexpectedly on the island? BELLY DANCING FOR BEGINNERS is a joyous celebration of self-discovery not only for Amber but for the other women at the hotel who will conquer their own demons through the vibrant, colourful and seductive medium of belly dancing.

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