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Bentley's Will

Bentley's Will

Drama, Family | English | 90 minutes

A Firma

Global Genesis Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Zachary Grigg


Victoria Chapa, Rick Romano, Charles Morris Jr


Lana Young, Phillip Andre Botello, Bernadette Sayre

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O Sumário

BENTLEY'S WILL is about a mother and son finding their lost love for each other. Bentley is an intense, focused businesswoman. She is the estranged mother of Will, a happy, carefree young man who wants to be a graphic novelist. They are both struggling to find their purpose, and to try and rekindle a relationship that isn't working. When Will's dog is lost, they are forced to confront their strained bonds to begin the slow journey of healing, while searching for Will's missing dog.

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