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Blood Out

Blood Out

Action/Adventure | English

A Firma

Cinema Management Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Jason Hewitt


Carsten Lorenz, Jason Hewitt, Michael Arata


John A. O'Connell


Luke Goss, Vinnie Jones, Val Kilmer, Curtis Jackson

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O Sumário

Accomplished martial arts master and proverbial good cop Michael Savion is visited by his estranged, gang-banging younger brother David. David passionately appeals to Michael for help to escape the gang world so he can marry the love of his life. Michael reluctantly agrees, but when David goes to retrieve his bride-to-be, he is ambushed by his own gang and brutally murdered by their leader, Zed, in an enforcement of the gang's mantra: "blood out". A frustrated Michael is stonewalled by Detective Hardwick, who dismisses the crime as gang-on-gang violence. Michael decides to go rogue in order to infiltrate the gang and seek justice for his dead brother.

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