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Burning Hearts

Burning Hearts

Drama | Italian | 115 minutes

A Firma

True Colours

Elenco e Tripulação


Pippo Mezzapesa


Nicola Giuliano


Pippo Mezzapesa



O Sumário

The forbidden love between Andrea, the reluctant heir of the Malatesta family, and Marilena, the beautiful wife of the Camporeale boss, rekindles an old feud between two rival families. The fatal passion brings the clans back into war, in an ancient land, not so different from the far west, where only blood can wash out blood, following the ruthless codes of the local mafia. But Marilena, now cast out by the Camporeale and prisoner of the Malatesta, contended and reviled, with the strength only a wounded mother ripped away from her children can have, will oppose to a destiny which seems already written.

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