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Cocaine Condor

Cocaine Condor

Documentary | English | 70 minutes

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Indie Rights

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Al Profit


Michael Levine, Al Profit, Courtney Brown, John Sutton Jr.

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O Sumário

During the 1980's cocaine took over the streets of America... resulting in record-high urban violence and America becoming the prison capital of the world. We all know the stories of Miami Vice, Narcos, and the Cocaine Cowboys; "American Dope: Cocaine Condor" dives deep into the murky waters of politics, Presidents, and the CIA to find the truth. Operation Condor was the secret American program to support right-wing political leaders south of the border to protect American business interests; in the 1980's finally culminating in a flood of cheap cocaine washing across the U.S., causing the so-called "Crack epidemic"

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