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Dead On Time

Dead On Time

Action/Adventure | English | 96 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Rish Mustaine


Rish Mustaine, John Sjogren


John Sjogren


Michael Madsen, Colt Cabana, Mohamed Zouaoui, Afif Ben Badra, John Sjogren, Michele Ghersi

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O Sumário

The 'Arab Spring of 2011' is in full eruption, turmoil consumes the Mid-East region as protesters, rebels and insurgents wreak havoc and destruction. A Clandestine American Military Agency, 'Black Halo', is forced to move a vital asset out of the warzone in Amrakistan. Mike McGuirk (Michael Madsen) sends in a Black-Ops team led by Segar (Michele Ghersi) to securely extract Moshin Dewar (Mohamed Zouaoui) and his newest invention.

Moshin sensing something is not right, escapes Segar by jumping out of a flying plane. Using his device to survive, he literally falls into the clutches of a slave mining magnate, Anwar the Butcher (Benbadra Afif), now holding Moshin for trespassing on his land and destroying one of his vehicles. Segar fails in to negotiate with Anwar. McGuirk under extreme pressure from his superiors who fear he is losing control of the situation, switches to Plan B.

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