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Demon for Hire

Demon for Hire

Comedy, Horror | English | 20 minutes

A Firma

Bear Paw Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Travis Heermann


Travis Heermann


Travis Heermann


Savannah Mortenson, Dylan LaRay, Thompson Powers, Phyllis Ramie

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Sully is a little slice of Hell who finds himself on our plane of existence with a quota of souls to corrupt before he can go home. With a schnoz that can smell trouble three dimensions away, the best way to do that is as a private eye.

But when Amy Lovegood walks into his office, the tingle in his short-and-pricklies tells him his existence is about to go through a shift of hellish proportions. Amy hires him for what looks like a simple problem--just a missing cat, right? But when they discover why Ms. Mittens missing, they realize the universe itself is in jeopardy.

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