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Supernatural Thriller | English | 85 minutes

A Firma

Minerva Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Federico Alotto


Andrea Zirio


Federico Alotto, Andrea Zirio


Andrea Zirio

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O Sumário

Europe, 2025. After a viral pandemic has exterminated almost all of Earth's population, only a few men are left roaming the lawless streets, free to commit depraved violence to their hearts’ content. The only hope of the continuity of life lies with a lonely cowboy, who goes by the name of Dog, and the last pregnant woman in the
world: Mia. The two of them will have to confront vast wastelands, abandoned factories, and treacherous mountains in order to finally arrive at the famous Sputnik Lab, where a group of scientists seem to have found a vaccine for the deadly virus. Along the way, Dog and Mia are pursued by Cerberus and his gang of crazy thugs. Will the two of them be able to escape their adversaries and arrive in time to change the fate of humanity?

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