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Doumi Girls (TV Series-Proof of Concept)

Doumi Girls (TV Series-Proof of Concept)

Action/Adventure, Drama, Suspense, True Story | English, Korean, Spanish | 9 minutes

A Firma

Trinidad Entertainment Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Yissendy Trinidad


Yissendy Trinidad, Charlie Grey


Yissendy Trinidad


Yissendy Trinidad, Lorena Jorge, Raya Dize, Pablo Azar

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O Sumário

Doumi Girls is the story of Jasmine, Mila and Diana, three girls who work as a karaoke hostess (Doumi Girls) at a karaoke bar in Koreatown Los Angeles, when overnight their lives plunge into the dark world governed by lust and money while trying to survive.


In the secretive but alluring neighborhood of Koreatown in Los Angeles, we are introduced to the world of after-hours Karaoke by Jazmine. Jazmine works as an entertainment girl or “Doumi Girl” in one of the many prolific Karaoke’s runs by Won Jae alongside many other girls, including her friends Diana and Mila.

Jazmine has become an expert in the clubs and helps new girls earn money and respect among the groups of men that come to see them every night. Despite this not being her initial career choice, Jazmine has thrived, and she and her friends enjoy their job as much as possible considering the conditions.

Until one night when a group of men drugs and kidnap Mila. Diana ends up drugged too, but she and Jazmine try to stop Mila from being taken, only to arrive too late. With no possibility to contact the police and no help from their boss, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands.

Diana recovers from being drugged and she and Jazmine gather the other girls to come up with a plan to save Mila. Meanwhile, the girls’ driver Kevin suspects there’s something dark going on at the Karaoke. Likewise, Viktor, Mila’s brother, and undercover cop Carlos visit the karaoke. They both have had their sisters missing from the place and want to do something about it, which leads them to team up with Kevin to find out the truth. While planning and scheming, Viktor and Jazmine meet, and an undeniable connection is made.

After Mila’s kidnapping, the owner of the Doumi girls known only as The Madam, starts getting worried about her girls and antagonizes Won, suspicious about his real intentions. Carlos raids the place one night, and even though The Madam was protecting and hiding her Korean girls, one of them escapes and finds Jazmine. It turns out that all the Asian girls that Won has working for him are kidnapped and the puzzle pieces start falling into place.

As we learn more about our character’s backstories, all the secrets and lies come together on the night that, finally, Mila’s kidnappers come back to the karaoke. No one will rest until they can get Mila back, but the dark and illegal business they are up against will not be easy to defeat.

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