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Dream Home

Dream Home

Thriller | Cantonese | 95 minutes

A Firma

All Rights Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Ho Chueng PANG


Conroy CHAN, Josie HO, Subie LIANG


Derek TSANG, Jimmy WAN, Ho Chueng PANG


Derek TSANG, Eason CHAN, Felix LOK, Josie HO, Juno MAK, Lawrence CHOU, Michelle YE, Norman CHU

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O Sumário

When she was a child, Cheng could see Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour from her apartment. But as time passed and the city grew, the old buildings in front of her home were demolished to give space to a huge residential project – “No. 1 Victoria Bay” - that now blocks her view. Therefore she vows to herself to work very hard saving up money for her family to move into “No.1 Victoria Bay” in the near future. However, the price for an apartment is just not affordable for her and the only way for her is to ruin “No.1 Victoria Bay” reputation as a safe and popular living space. Cheng sets off with a ruthless plan to make her dream come true...
Based on true events.

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