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Animation, Childrens, Family | English | 83 minutes

A Firma

Sola Media

Elenco e Tripulação


Kim Hagen Jensen


Nynne Selin Eidnes


Søren Grinderslev Hansen, Kim Hagen Jensen

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O Sumário

Minna’s life is turned upside down when her dad’s new fiancée Helena and her daughter Jenny move in. Her new stepsister Jenny turns out to be horrible and Minna is frustrated. She wants her gone! One night, Minna discovers a world behind her dreams in which the dreambuilders create our dreams on theater stages and finds out how to manipulate Jenny’s dreams. But interfering with people’s dreams has dire consequences and when Minna goes too far one night, Jenny can’t wake up any more. Minna must enter the dream world one final time to face the dreams she has created in order to save Jenny and her new family.

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