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Edges of Darkness

Edges of Darkness

| English | 87 minutes

A Firma

Shoreline Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Blaine Cade


Stephen Kayo


Jason Horton


Alonzo F. Jones, Shamika Ann Franklin

O Sumário

Three gripping tales of terror set against the backdrop of an ongoing apocalypse.

A vampire couple, Stan and Stellie, struggles to find food. Stan kidnaps a young girl, Natalie, in the hopes of feeding off her a little at a time in order to survive. Natalie turns out to be not what she seems and soon turns the tables on her vampire captors.

Dean is so obsessed with his writing that he ignores everything around him, from the zombies to his lonely wife. He installs a mysterious new processor into his computer that allows it to run without electricity. Instead, it now runs off the life force of others.

Heather is a survivalist. She comes across a young mother, and her son. Heather saves them from a zombie attack and takes them into her home. She soon learns that they are on the run not only from zombies, but also from a group of renegade priests hell bent on destroying the boy.

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