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A Firma

Highland Film Group

Elenco e Tripulação


John Kissack


Joe Carnahan, John Kissack, Jayson Therrien


Benjamin Evan Ainsworth

O Sumário

In this unique and chilling tale, 12-year-old Charlie (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) and his best friend Jimmy are making a movie with dreams of becoming big time Hollywood directors. When Charlie’s Dad finds an old ventriloquist doll named Felix among his late grandmother’s belongings, Charlie and Jimmy immediately cast Felix as the creepy antagonist in their movie. Through a chain of increasingly sinister and disturbing events, the family discovers that Felix has a mind of his own and is determined to take control of the house and its occupants. Charlie and Jimmy quickly realize that it’s up to them to rid their family of this ominous force they’ve awoken before it’s too late.

Ano de Conclusão