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From the Midst of Pain

From the Midst of Pain

Documentary | English | 50 minutes

A Firma

City of Angels Women's Film Festival/Coldwater Canyon Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Nunzio Fazio


Lisa K. Crosato, Nunzio Fazio, Lane Bradbury


Nunzio Fazio, Lane Bradbury


Lou Antonio, Lane Bradbury, Lisa K Crosato, Nunzio Fazio, Hank Garfield, Allison Gray, Tanya Hernandez, Wavy Jackson, Kristine Johnson, Marcia Landeros, Frank Mitchell, Judy Owen, Gary Thomas, Jim Whitworth

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O Sumário

A raw exploration of the pain and anguish of abused women from all racial backgrounds, at-risk teens and those dealing with disabilities. This documentary examines the healing effects of creativity in overcoming domestic violence and underscores the need for change and social justice.

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