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Full of Noise & Pain

Full of Noise & Pain

Alternate Titles: Lleno de Ruido y Dolor

Western | Spanish | 101 minutes

A Firma

Galloping Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Ignacio Aguirre


Romina Coronel


Octavio Montiglio, Ignacio Aguirre


Emanuel Gallardo, Manuel Alari, Facundo Sañudo

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O Sumário

Soria joins two bandits to rob a bank from a small village in Patagonia, Argentina. He soon realises that he has made the greatest mistake of his life when he is forced to kill an innocent person. A tenacious policeman, who is used to taking justice into his own hands, starts looking for them. Once the gang find itself being chased by the police it pushes them to their own abyss. Based on real events in Patagonia in 1928.

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