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Action/Adventure, Comedy | Korean | 95 minutes

A Firma

Finecut Co., Ltd.

Elenco e Tripulação


Bareun JO


Seongman BYUN, Jinyeong KIM, Hun NAMKOONG


Bareun JO


Jihyeok CHA, Seongi CHO, Yunjung OK, Jaemin BAEK, Jeonghyeon LEE, Daehan KIM, Rahui KIM

O Sumário

After getting into a big trouble, Choi Ji-hoon is transferred to Daehoon High, the worst school in Korea. Ji-hoon’s goal is simple, he wants to become the top dog of the new school. Once he reaches his class, he gets in the face of everyone, trying to pick a fight, but none will bite. The school bell rings and everyone gets up and leave for somewhere. Ji-hoon follows Yong Sik out of the classroom. They arrive in the basement, where a fight club is in progress. The only rule of the fight club is that whoever wins becomes the top dog for the year.

Ano de Conclusão