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Go Youth!

Go Youth!

Alternate Titles: ¡Ánimo Juventud!

Comedy | Spanish | 105 minutes

A Firma

Picture Tree International

Elenco e Tripulação


Carlos Armella


Marion d'Ornano, Yadira Aedo, Diego Martinez Ulanosky


Carlos Armella


Iñaki Godoy, Daniela Arce, Rodrigo Cortés, Mario Palmerin

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O Sumário

Martin is madly in love with a girl he barely knows. He wants to scream his love out to a world
that does not seem to care. Daniel is a musician turned taxi driver after having impregnated his
teenage girlfriend. The day he decides to become a responsible grown up will not turn out as
he had hoped. Dulce is an aggressive girl and bully in high school, but secretly fragile with the
innermost desire to be loved. By now she’s ready to lose her virginity to anyone willing to take it.
Pedro is disappointed with the adult world, which he has retreated from by speaking his own language.
GO YOUTH connects their passions and fears with their common obstacle in life – Adults.

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