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Hana's Miso Soup

Hana's Miso Soup

Drama | Japanese | 118 minutes

A Firma

GAGA Corporation

Elenco e Tripulação


Tomoaki Akune


Kazutaka Sakamoto, Seiya Horio, Keiko Kuwahara


Tomoaki Akune


Ryoko Hirosue, Kenichi Takitoh

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O Sumário

Chie, a young girl out of college, is diagnosed with cancer soon after becoming engaged. Undeterred,
and with an understanding that the cancer treatment will leave her unable to bear children, her marriage
begins on a happy note. Out of the blue, a miracle happens and Chie discovers she is pregnant. But her
decision to keep the baby comes with a high risk for cancer to return. After consulting with a country
doctor, she adopts lifestyle changes switching her diet to traditional Japanese foods to keep her body
healthy. Knowing that her time with her daughter will be short, Chie caringly passes along lessons
learned to prepare her child for life without her.

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