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Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Action/Adventure, Thriller | English | 80 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Rhys Hayward


Jason Allen


Rhys Hayward


Sebastian Street, Giles Alderson

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O Sumário

Forced to retire from military service following a tragedy, Paul Lacey is left to come to terms with the deaths of his men. Numbed by PTSD medication, he has become disconnected, his life now a series of mundane routines. His concerned wife, Sarah, persuades him to accompany her on a camping holiday, hoping the break will help mend their strained relationship.

The couple arrive at secluded location, miles from civilization. Their peace is soon shattered, however, when they witness a brutal murder by a savage gang of Eastern-Europeans. They are spotted fleeing and, as darkness falls, seek refuge in the depths of a large forest. As the gang closes in on the couple, Paul's military instincts quickly surface, and he leaves Sarah behind to embark on a chilling journey of redemption.

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