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Alternate Titles: Libanky

Thriller | Czech | 100 minutes

A Firma

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Elenco e Tripulação


Jan Hrebejk


Viktor Taus, Michal Kollar


Petr Jarchovsky


Ana Geislerova, Stanislav Majer

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O Sumário

Honeymoon takes place over three days, during Radim and Tereza‘s wedding party. Secrets from the past pry into Tereza’s life during her own wedding. Tereza has already attempted to marry once she is naturally hesitant about her current marriage. She decided to marry Radim after cautious deliberation, having lived with him for a long time. The past suddenly breaks into the present as an optician from a neighboring town. He surreptitiously mixes with the guests at the wedding ceremony. Tereza believes that he is an acquaintance of Radim – but Radim denies it. The uninvited guest introduces himself as Jan Benda and tries to remind Radim that they are acquainted from their secondary school days and reveals a share a tormenting past, which will transform the party into a nightmare.

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