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I Am Nothing

I Am Nothing

: Je suis Rien, Ich Bin Nichts, Ik Ben Niets, Io Sono Nulla

Psycho-Drama, Thriller | Italian | 79 minutes

A Firma

Adler & Associates Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Fabio Greco


Fabio Greco, Marie Adler


Fabio Greco


Vasco Montez, Chiara Pavoni, Rimi Beqiri, Roberto Pensa, Fabio Greco

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Vasco, a wealthy Italian real estate developer, spends three years in a coma after almost being killed by a mafia hitman. When he awakes he is no longer the same man: with no memory of his past, he shuns work and talks to the trees as if they were close friends. Will Vasco ever be able to recover his memory?

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