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I Wrote This For You

I Wrote This For You

Comedy, Drama | English | 94 minutes

A Firma

The Mise En Scene Company

Elenco e Tripulação


Jason Zavaleta


Matt Stoner, Stefania Pierucci, Jason Zavaleta


Jasmine Williams, Brennan Keel Cook


Brennan Keel Cook, Patrick R. Walker, Melise, Michael Badalucco, Nina Hartley, Serra Naiman

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The edges of reality are blurred when a young man struggles to overcome the trauma of a broken relationship. Traversing the surreal landscape of Los Angeles on a daily quest to 'do good things,' Hunter encounters a raft of obscure new relationships throughout his daily routine. Set amongst the artistic backdrop of slam poetry, I Wrote This For You explores a young man's desire to find courage, face challenges and discover the universal quest for hope.

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