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Comedy | French | 85 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Arnaud Lemort


Christian Clavier, Mathilde Seigner,

O Sumário

Philippe and Carole have just met. They are both recently divorced.
Very much in love, Phillipe will do whatever it takes to win over Carole’s two teenage kids. He makes a deal with her son: If he passes his final exams and graduates high school, he can choose their summer vacation spot.
And... Ibiza it is!
Far more used to peaceful holidays in northern France, Philippe is in for the surprise of his life...

The classic family-vacation-gone-wrong genre reaches hilarious new heights in this exciting, high-concept comedy.
Christian Clavier (Serial (Bad) Weddings - worldwide BO of over 184M€) perfectly embodies the role of an uptight man thrust into a series of absurd situations that could only take place in the world-famous, energetic party town of Ibiza.

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