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Just Let Go

Just Let Go

Drama | English | 106 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Christopher S. Clark, Patrick Henry Parker


Arthur Van Wagenen, Patrick Henry Parker, Jana Erickson


Christopher Clark, Vance Mellen


Henry Ian Cusick, Brenda Vaccaro, Sam Sorbo, Jacob Buster

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O Sumário

On a cold February night in 2007, a devoted father of four and a seventeen-year-old drunk driver both received life sentences. In one violent, devastating instant, each faced a drastically different and uncertain future. But as Chris Williams sat in his demolished vehicle, staring at the car that had just caused the death of his wife, his unborn baby, his nine-year-old daughter, and his eleven-year-old son, he committed to do something extraordinary: he would forgive.
Chris Williams’ story is the cinematic tale of how a person can forgive despite the retaliatory tendencies that surface within the darks corners of the human heart, showing the world that hope, love and forgiveness can overcome all when you let it go.

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