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Kill Pinochet

Kill Pinochet

Alternate Titles: Matar a Pinochet

Thriller | Spanish | 80 minutes

A Firma

Global Screen

Elenco e Tripulação


Juan Ignacio Sabatini


Adrán Solar, Juan Pablo Sallato, Juan Ignacio Sabatini


Enrique Videla, Pablo Paredes


Daniela Ramírez, Cristián Carvajal

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While Chile lived one of the cruelest dictatorships under Augusto Pinochet, only some daring few considered the impossible: to kill the tyrant. Physical education teacher Ramiro, psychologist Tamara, and Sasha, born in the slum, schedule their armed attack for a Sunday afternoon in 1986...

Based on the true story of a failed attack launched by an armed wing of the Chilean Communist Party, Juan Ignacio Sabatini delivers a stunning directorial debut with this burning and character-driven political thriller.

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