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Kung Food

Kung Food

Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy | English, Mandarin | 624 minutes

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All Rights Entertainment

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Shandong Zhongdong


Shandong Zhongdong


Shandong Zhongdong


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Our heroes are food.
Steamed Bun Captain accidentally burned the “Food Bible”, the ancient book. He sets out on a journey across the sea to seek secret recipes from all cuisines and rewrite the bible. One day he meets Super Bao – an enthusiast youngster with a sense of justice but also sometimes... a trouble maker. After hearing the Captain’s story, Super Bao and his friends, Noodle Lady, Sushi Man, Fried-Noodle-Stick Man, Stone Bread Man, Dumpling Baby and Bun Roll Girl join the team and board “Food Luxury”, the ship. Exciting adventures are yet to come, however dangerous villains are lurking.

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