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| | 72 minutes

A Firma

Green Light LLC.

Elenco e Tripulação




Miyuki ONO, Tomona HIROTA, Yayoi INAMOTO

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O Sumário

This is a fantasic drama depicting a family of three generations who live in a village where only women are allowed. It’s secretly located deep in the mountains.

Women here change their name and shut themselves from the world. They live a minimal life style: they cultivate vegetables and eat, and sleep when it gets dark. Kagu, 28 years old, lives with her beautiful and dignified mother Onikuma who leads the village community and her 14-year-old daughter, Kushina.

One day, an anthropologist Soko and her male assistant Keita visit the village. Onikuma always welcomes women who visit the village in search of help, so she allows Soko to stay and also makes an exception for Keita until they’re ready to descend the mountains. This unusual situation in the village leads to...

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