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Life As It Should Be

Life As It Should Be

Alternate Titles: Alles Is Zoals Het Zou Moeten Zijn

Comedy, Romance | Dutch | 107 minutes

A Firma

DFW International

Elenco e Tripulação


Rene Schuurman


Tom de Mol


Anna Pauwels


Barbara Sloesen, Jan Kooijman

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O Sumário

Immediately after the birth of their first child, Iris's boyfriend Pieter confesses that he never wanted this child, has been having an affair for a year and will soon be leaving for Africa with his new love. Infatuated with self-pity and alcohol, Iris's early motherhood, her job as editor-in-chief of a reality show and her social life are seriously under pressure.

All Iris wants is Pieter to come home again. She does not want to be like her unhappy single mother. With the help of her two girlfriends, her mother and the dog-walker, Iris gets her life back on track in the year that follows, she finds true love and becomes a responsible adult.

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