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Lion Dance

Lion Dance

Action/Adventure, Animation, Family | No Response | 6 minutes

A Firma

Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited

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O Sumário

[Short-film looking for partners to develop in Feature Film]

Forgotten and washed out, the dancing star lion is giving all it has to return to the public eye. The stranded lion unintentionally attends a lion dance performance at the Chinese New Year Temple Fair in Chinatown and achieves huge success, which reminds the lion of its glory days. It joins the lion dance team in excitement and learns from the Panda Master --- dreaming of a career rejuvenation, but only to realize that lion dancing is unheeded and disliked except during traditional holidays. Lion dancing is an abandoned culture. Chinatown will be pulled down to make room for a international city lay-out, forcing the lion dance team to disband. The lion returns to the lion mountain in loneliness, then comes to realize its passion for lion dance. In order to save this culture, it comes up a crazy idea of combing the lion dance and normal choreography, and returns to the city...

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