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Lipstick & Bullets

Lipstick & Bullets

Action/Adventure, Comedy | English | 81 minutes

A Firma

Ytinifni Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Alex Ferrari


Tremain Brown


Alex Ferrari


Samantha Polay, Paul Gordon

O Sumário

Collection of short features about revenge from indie film director Alex Ferrari. In 'Broken' (2005) Bonnie (Samantha Jane Polay) suffers from a recurring nightmare that proves to be the answer to her survival when she is kidnapped by a ruthless gang. In 'Cyn' (2007) a young woman Cynthia (Stephaine Michaels) is abducted by psychopaths Otto (Frank Rodriguez) and Mr Sugar (Josh Randall), but is just as willing as they are to commit a sin or two in order to survive. In 'Red Princess Blues' (2010) teenager Zoe (Tabitha Morella) is tricked into entering a carnival tent with a seedy worker and it is up to knife show performer Princess (Rachel Grant) to save her from being subjected to his sordid plans. The animated prequel 'Red Princess Blues - Genesis' (2011) follows the story of Princess (voice of Holly Fields) from childhood, exploring her reasons and need for seeking vengeance.

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