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Lloyd the Conqueror

Lloyd the Conqueror

Comedy | English | 95 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Michael Peterson


Brendan Hunter


Andrew Herman


Brian Posehn, Tegan Moss

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O Sumário

Lloyd hasn't conquered much in life, but he really needs to save his C average. After a night of video games and procrastination, Lloyd and his best friends, Patrick and Oswald, have slacked their way into losing their student funding. The trio's only hope lies with their arrogant and self-important medieval literature professor, Derek. To save their mediocre academic careers, the guys enter into a dark pact with their teacher who needs fresh bodies to destroy so he may claim another victory in the world of Dungeons and Dwarves.

Unbeknownst to them, this simple quest for a passing grade will take them into the hilarious and nerdy world of LARP'ing (Live Action Role Play). White wizards, bearded unicorns and coked-up centaurs are but a few of the colorful characters the boys will cross paths with on their way to battle Derek the Unholy. Will Lloyd and his allies rally the forces of light against the Dark Horde? Will Lloyd win the girl of his dreams, a beautiful ex-cage fighting elf warrior? Will the guys oversleep and miss the whole tournament? It will be a battle of epic, epic-ness fought by Lloyd the Conqueror!

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