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Love Finds You in Mountain View

Love Finds You in Mountain View

Romance | English

A Firma

American Cinema International

Elenco e Tripulação


Sandra Martin


Chevonne O'Shaughnessy


D.F.W. Buckingham D.F.W. Buckingham


Danielle Ryan, Myko Olivier, John Lavoisier

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Margaret Garvey (30s) is a successful architect living with her boyfriend, whose relationship with her has become distant due to their different work schedules. Having not talked with her estranged cousin, Susan, for years, Margaret is told that Susan has died in a car accident, and that she is entrusted by Susan to take care of her children and estate in Mountain View, AR. After her initial reluctance, Margaret decides to give it a try and gradually grows to love her life in Mountain View. While taking care of the children, Margaret gets to reunite with Andrew, an old love of hers, and reawaken their feelings for each other. Now she must decide which is more important to her – continuing with her old life, or honoring her cousin’s wish and make a new life with Andrew in Mountain View.

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