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Love In Kilnerry

Love In Kilnerry

Comedy, Romantic Comedy | English | 109 minutes

A Firma

OneTwoThree Media

Elenco e Tripulação


Daniel Keith, Snorri Sturluson


Daniel Keith, Courtney Bissonette, Scott Celinski, Laura Orean Celinski, Mary Dougherty, Jessica Lebling, Paul Lebling


Daniel Keith


Daniel Keith, Kathy Searle, Tony Triano, Sybil Lines, James Patrick Nelson

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O Sumário

The multi award winning comedy about the residents of a small remote and quiet town panic after the Environmental Protection Agency announces that government mandated changes to their chemical plant which makes ingredients for dog shampoo could create a bi-product that would dramatically increase their sexual libido. The sheriff struggles to maintain order and decency as mayhem ensues.

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