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Lucky's Treasure

Lucky's Treasure

Family | English | 86 minutes

A Firma

Pinnacle Peak Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Shane Hawks


Claire Hutchinson


Michael Ironside, Tommy Blaze, JT Neal

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When college-bound Emily Landis moves from the city to her Grandpa’s country home, she is expected to take care of Lucky, her late Grandma’s horse, and makes it her mission to show the light of Christ to her grieving Grandpa. Struggling, Emily is befriended by a local named Jake. When the two discover Emily’s Grandma died searching for hidden treasure, the pair attempt to find the rare gold coin that has eluded treasure hunters for decades. A tale of love, adventure, and intrigue LUCKY’S TREASURE is a powerful reminder that things long lost might still be found today.

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