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Mary Loss of Soul

Mary Loss of Soul

| English | 90 minutes

A Firma

Shoreline Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Jennifer B. White


Steward Huey Dave White, Jennifer B. White


Jennifer B. White


Jose Zuniga, Kaylee Bryant, Catherine Black, Anne Bex, Nick Mancuso, Emma Gruttadauria, Sam Myerson

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O Sumário

After vanishing from her family's lake house, 15 year-old Mary Solis returns without any memory6 of the traumatic events she experienced-- and without part of her soul. When it's discovered that two other little girls have been missing since the very night that Mary disappeared, the stakes are raised. Is Mary suffering from a centuries-old condition known as Loss of Soul? Or, is it something more nefarious? The family is set on edge when someone breaks into their home, leaving behind a large kitchen knife on Mary's bedroom floor, and a growing uneasiness that a bigger threat looms over them all.

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