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Miles Between Us

Miles Between Us

Drama, Family, Faith | English | 91 minutes

A Firma

Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Elenco e Tripulação


Andrew Hunt


Scott A. Peterson


Scott A. Peterson


Dariush Moslemi, Anna Stranz, Josten Rositas

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O Sumário

It was twelve years after the divorce and Luke (Dariush Moslemi) hadn't heard from his ex-wife (Kelly Morton) in over a year and when the phone rang that morning, he had no idea how that call would change his life. Luke and his daughter, Gabby (Anna Stranz), were all but strangers, but that phone call marked a new beginning and set them both off on an emotionally complicated journey of discovery. It's a touching story of pain, hope, healing, and redemption, that every family should watch and every father/daughter will cherish.

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