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Animation, Childrens, Comedy | English, French, Japanese | 30 minutes

A Firma

Ashi Productions Co., Ltd.

O Sumário

MINKY MOMO, a cute twelve years old girl, lives with Papa, a veterinarian,and Mama, a pet shop owner. She does not look different from other girls,but she is a princess of a dream land called FENALINASA, which was a partof the earth in the past. She came to the earth to give dreams and hopesto people. When she swings a wand "MINKY WAND" with spell, she cantransform herself to an eighteen years old lady wearing various costumesand do everything that she wants. Whenever MINKY MOMO doessomething good, FENALINASA is getting closer and closer to earth, and itmay come back to the earth some day.

Ano de Conclusão