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Mission: School of Fun

Mission: School of Fun

Alternate Titles:

Action/Adventure, Family | German | 88 minutes

A Firma

The Playmaker Munich

Elenco e Tripulação


Ekrem Ergün


Stefanie Plattner


Sabrina J. Kirschner


Felicitas Woll, Max Giermann, Serkan Kaya, Lucas Herzog, Erna Westphal, German von Beug, Nasya Bozna, Leni Kramer, Otto Emil Koch, Giorgio Perone

O Sumário

Boredom at school was yesterday, because here the school day becomes a cinematic adventure!

Maxi does not have it easy, after all, he attends probably the most boring school in the world and on top of everything has nerd Frieda as a seat neighbor. Hell, not only for an action fan like him. But then Rasputin Rumpus shows up, inspector of the boredom-fighting authority - and this calls the principal Schnittlich on the scene, who wants to seize power over all schools with his "rulebook of prohibitions". Now it's up to Maxi and his classmates. They have to prevent this plan and they don't have much time...

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