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: 母なる大地, 沼泽之地, 沼澤之地, مور, Maa

Drama | | 135 minutes

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Adler & Associates Entertainment

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Jami, Nazira Ali, Marie Adler, Nadeem Mandviwalla


Jami, Nazira Ali, Eman Syed, Riaz-ur-Reman Saghar


Hameed Sheikh, Hameed Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Shaz Khan, Abdul Qadir, Shabbir Rana, Sultan Hussain, Ayaz Samoo, Nayyar Ejaz

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O Sumário

When his wife dies unexpectedly, Wahid must come to terms with her passing and his guilt from the events that led up it. As the railroad stationmaster of a rural Pakistani town, Wahid has become entangled with a criminal gang that is destroying the railways. With his elder brother dragging him deeper and deeper down a corrupt path, Wahid must choose between the promise of a more comfortable life and his wife's dying wish for him to walk away from his deal with the criminals. When his estranged son Ehsaan returns home, Wahid discovers that the young man has been caught up in a similar conflict in the big city. Both the father and son must make hard decisions about the meaning of loyalty - to one's land, one's family and one's principles.

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